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Parker IPS Manufacturing Services

T-Slot Manufacturing Capacity 

Elect Air’s extruded t-slot aluminum facilities have the capacity to make nearly any custom solution. You know your application and your needs, so you may already have a design ready to go. At Elect Air, we understand this, and are standing ready to assist in bringing your designs to your floor. 

If you have an AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS file, or even a pencil drawing on a napkin, we can handle the rest. Our knowledgeable experts will fill in the gaps and ensure your custom solution is perfect for your needs. We can even accommodate custom non-traditional requests if your application requires it. 

If you need help designing your solution, learn more about how we can help.

Customizable, adaptive manufacturing environment 

Our shop is step up to adapt to our changing needs quickly, so we can easily get underway on a new, completely different and unique extruded aluminum project. We employ experts in t-slot aluminum construction who have the expertise to efficiently machine and assemble your solution. Many of our customers have recurring orders, so our deliverables aren’t limited to a one-time custom order. If you like what we make for you, we can deliver the same product, or a variation there-of, on whatever schedule you need. 

Capacity for large and small builds

At our facility we can easily handle individual pieces of up to ten feet square, and assemblies much larger than that. For small solutions, we assemble it fully in-house before shipping. Larger pieces are typically shipped in ready-to-build kits. In the latter case, we will ensure that it easy for your personnel to understand and build your solution on-site. 

Our inventory matches your needs

We keep a steady inventory of the most commonly used t-slot extrusions and aluminum extrusion hardware in both inch and metric measurements so we can match the specs of your machines. Whatever material you need that we don’t have, we can get quickly through a good relationship with our suppliers. 

Custom Machining available

Our facilities can custom machine mounting plates and brackets for your machine. This allows us to precisely match your application, no matter the unique or specific requirements it may have. Our digital-scale saw can cut components to a size accurate to a couple 1,000ths of an inch. We also have a custom, self-feed tapper for end connections to ensure that the end build of your machine goes together neat and flush. 

Custom requests 

At Elect Air we listen to and can handle many of your customized needs. Some of the requests we have fulfilled in the past are: 

  • Solid aluminum tabletops and baseplates 
  • Anodization 
  • Powder coating 
  • Nickel plating 
  • Anti-static matting for work stations 

Feel free to contact us with any other custom, specialized request you may have, and our team will do our very best to accommodate. 

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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